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Model: MSFile Reader
Title MS File Reader 2.2
Description: This package contains the installer for both the 32 bit and 64 bit version of MSFileReader 2.2.
This version of MSFileReader is compatible with data files produced by Xcalibur 2.2 / Foundation 2.0, and is backward compatible with previous raw file versions as well.

Updated on 7/30/2012: The installer has been updated to include the check for the necessary redistributable Registry Keys of needed Microsoft software packets and inform the user.

Updated on 12/18/2011: The updated MSFile Reader has the following fix based on a fix in fileio.
"The Foundation 2.0 SP1 QF is a single file patch to address the issue of data loss due to the 'reference and exception peaks' flag not being selected when viewing .raw files in QualBrowser.

When an Orbi-Elite acquires data with small exception peaks within a profile sub-segment of data, the entire profile peak is filtered by default when viewing the data in QualBrower. In order to view all the data without filtering the user must turn on the 'reference and exception peaks' option from within the QualBrowser Spectrum Ranges -> Automatic Processing dialog box.

This patch is to address the default behavior that will now show all the profile peaks even when a small exception peak is contained within the same profile sub-segment. The action of manually selecting the 'reference and exception peaks' option is no longer required."

Date: 7/30/2012
File Type: Software
File Size: 29 MB
Download Now: /peg/file/Thermo Scientific MSFileReader.docx
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