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Model: MSFile Reader
Title Thermo Scientific MSFileReader
Description: About MSFileReader:
MSFileReader is designed to support read access to Xcalibur .raw files in a simple-to-use standard COM object without requiring installation of the Xcalibur data system.
It is designed to be used with C++-based applications, but since it is a COM object, you can use any language that supports the COM interface.
The functions are mostly to support data access but the library documentation includes a number of higher-level functions that extract and manipulate the data in commonly used ways.
The description of each function includes the following information:
• The function calling sequence
• Return values
• Definitions of both input and output parameters
• An example using the function
Refer to the library documentation for further details.

How to get MSFileReader:
MSFileReader 3.0 SP2, latest release, and older versions are available for download.
In order to access this Thermo MS-Utility software, please register at the Life Science Mass Spectrometry Software Download and Licensing portal by clicking on the link below and following the directions:

Please, check the license agreement included with the installer.

How to report any problems:
To report an issue, send an email to this address:

Please use the following format when reporting a problem:
E-mail Subject: [MSFileReader] [3.0 SP2] [Short Description of the software issue]
E-mail Body: [Detailed description of the problem]
Date: 7/30/2012
File Type: Software
File Size: 29 MB
Download Now: /peg/file/Thermo Scientific MSFileReader.docx
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